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The Benefits of Compression Hernia Support

Compression garments offer several advantages when used in the care of hernias. These include:

  • Tailored Care - From hernia support briefs to belly bands and binders, there is a wide range of garments available to help with your hernia. This lets you choose an option that will give you the most relief and support, without being overly disruptive to your day-to-day life or wardrobe.
  • Instant Relief - Your support garment starts working as soon as you put it on. Whether you need it for pain relief of an existing hernia or for prevention, the firm, comfortable pressure is immediate and lasts as long as you wear your garment.
  • Cost-effective - Whether you have an inoperable hernia or you have to wait for an operation pending scheduling or insurance approval, these garments offer a low-cost answer to the pain and discomfort you’re feeling.
  • Healthier - Compression wear can help you deal with your hernia without as much reliance on pharmaceutical pain management. This lets you avoid medicines and chemicals, which have their own side effects, without having to live with pain.

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